Our Strategy 2021

The Outer East Health & Community Support Alliance Strategy 2021 outlines our areas of focus to improve the health and wellbeing of communities in Melbourne’s Outer East.


A message from the chair:

The OEHCSA provides a platform through which we can work together and with the community in a more collaborative and coordinated way. Strategy 2021 will guide our collective efforts over the next four years and provide us with a framework for measuring our shared success.

Experience tells us that by working together we can achieve things we hadn’t previously believed possible, and this possibility is enhanced if our way forward is directed by shared values of respect, trust and true partnership.

We also know that without the voice of individuals and the broader community as partners in this work we will not achieve our Vision. I am pleased to highlight the stronger commitment in this Strategy to involving local people as partners in this work.

I invite you to join the effort of the OEHCSA in bringing this Strategy to life and I look forward to celebrating our shared successes with you.

Wendy King
OEHCSA Executive Committee