Systems Learning Exchange: Stories from the field

Event Information:

About The Event:
  • Event Start Date: 01/03/2018
  • Event Start Time: 10:00 am
  • Event End Time: 4:00 pm
  • Location: Deakin Corporate Centre Level 12 Tower 2
    727 Collins Street
    Docklands (Melbourne), VIC 3008
Contact Information:

The focus in this workshop is on participant driven content. It will promote in-depth knowledge exchange amongst participants, who will contribute insight and details about how they are applying systems thinking in their work, what they are learning about applying systems approaches, the challenges and work arounds.

The workshop will involve: 

  • Systems storytelling: examples from participants of how they have applied a systems approach, what they have learned from doing so, and how their systems practice has changed as a result
  • Group sense-making to draw out and map the insights and patterns we have heard across the case examples
  • Identification of challenges in doing systems work, followed by facilitated activities to surface constructive, pragmatic responses
  • Group work to synthesise and look for patterns across responses that can help us navigate barriers to systems processes.

Our mental model of doing systems work: 

  • ‘Doing systems’ is a process, not an outcome. The goal is to deepen our insight on the system. Systems work doesn’t have an end point, but is an ongoing journey
  • Our own personal mental model and practice is the strongest influence in how we understand and see a system. Ongoing reflection and awareness is a key practice
  • There is no one way to do systems work, no one starting point. There are multiple journeys and paths

Who should attend:

This event is for health practitioners and researchers who are actively and consciously applying systems approaches in their work, and who have a working understanding of systems thinking and approaches.

How we are asking you to participate:

This is an active workshop environment and you are asked to participate fully during the session. We are seeking the curious, those who want to learn, who are willing and open to listening, and who value collective knowledge building.  This is not a session for passive listening or expert knowledge.

To create a collective and open learning space, we value and engage with respect for one another, diverse ways of knowing and diverse understandings.

What we will not be doing in this event 

  • Teaching systems 101
  • Focus on systems theory or academic research methods
  • Formal presentations followed by questions
  • Teaching technology-based systems methods such as causal loop diagramming or systems dynamics modelling

For more information about Systems Learning Exchange: Stories from the field contact [email protected]



Seanna Davidson is the Manager of Systems Thinking and Capacity Building at the Prevention Centre. Before joining the Centre, Seanna led a social innovation lab and two systemic inquiry processes at Monash University with the Systemic Governance Research Program, and was the program manager for a program on Social Innovation at the University of Waterloo, Canada. A geographer by training, her work draws across disciplines to explore patterns and change within social spaces. Her academic training is complemented by professional experience across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.


Travel to the event:

Train: A 5 min walk from Southern Cross Station

Tram: Take tram 48 from the CBD and exit at stop D15 – Batman’s Hill


Parking Options:

Secure Parking

664 Collins Street, Melbourne

700 Collins Street, Melbourne

Wilson Parking

750 Collins Street, Docklands

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