Drop the Jargon: Tuesday 24th October!

Did you know Drop the Jargon is coming up on Tuesday 24th October 2017?

Drop the Jargon is a day for professionals in Australian health, community services and local government to use plain language.

How can you get involved?

Today you can:

  • Go to the Drop The Jargon website and pledge to drop the jargon on or before 24 Oct
  • Start promoting the campaign through social media channels and networks
  • Organise an event or activity for your organisation: resources can be downloaded here

On October 24th you can:

  • Use plain language in all communication – with other staff and community members
  • Explain medical and other technical terminology you use
  • Check that information has been understood
  • Work with a professional interpreter when your clients have low English proficiency
  • Politely point out when your colleagues use jargon
  • Tweet your activities using #dropthejargon17

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