Knox Heritage Walks

A NEW SERIES of walk brochures highlights walks in the Rowville/Lysterfield area featuring local heritage sites. The brochures and videos are now online at the Victoria Walks website.

Ray Peace, vice-president of Knox Historical Society, and a keen walker, started Knox Heritage Walks in 2015, with the support of Knox City Council, EACH, and the Rowville Neighborhood Learning Centre. The group has since run twelve local heritage walks.
Mr Peace noted at a Healthy Together Knox presentation in 2015 that the Rowville/Lysterfield area has the largest areas of publicly accessible open space in the City of Knox. Yet the same area has the lowest rates of exercise, lowest consumption per head of fresh vegetables, and the highest per capita number of junk food outlets.
With assistance from a Knox City Council Community Development Fund grant, Ray created and printed a series of brochures showcasing the area’s heritage sites. The brochures, on the Victoria Walks website, have received over 10,000 hits this year.
The six walks range in length from 4 km to 12 km, and are in pedestrian-friendly urban and park land locations. Items featured on the walks include Wellington Village, Knox’s most environmentally friendly shopping centre, a long-forgotten homestead site, construction tramways, and relics of a dark chapter in Knox history: the site where Lieut. Col. George Knox prepared for the last defense of Melbourne against a Japanese invasion in 1942.
The brochures are now available at the Rowville Neighborhood Learning Centre, Rowville Library, and other selected outlets.

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