Not-for-Profit Happy Hour: The new Facebook group for Australian not-for-profit professionals

The community sector in Australia needed a safe place to chat, so Our Community created one!

The purpose of the group is to provide an online space for community-minded people to come together and ask questions, answer questions, vent, celebrate, throw ideas around, seek advice and generally support one another in their community pursuits. You’re encouraged to ask questions of each other, share important information, and provide and receive advice on not-for-profit challenges.

Their staff will be moderating posts and have put a few rules in place on the group to make sure everyone gets along fine. Here are a few of the finer ones:

  • Please don’t abuse anyone’s character, do not call anyone names, and keep policy discussions respectful and non-attacking.
  • We celebrate diversity, and sometimes we all must agree to disagree.
  • If you plan to quote comments from this group (such as for a blog or article), even if you don’t mention this group or specific individuals by name, check in and ask for permission.
  • Keep in mind that this is the internet, so things you say in this group may eventually get out. If you want to remain anonymous, please use Facebook to message Our Community staff who will happily post on your behalf anonymously.

You can join the conversation here.

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