A shift to healthy drinks at Wyndham and Melton did not affect the bottom line

Sport and recreation facilities offer an opportunity to have a positive impact on community health, not only through the chance to be physically active but also through the food and drinks available and promoted to customers.

Wyndham and Melton City Councils committed to making a positive change by adopting the Victorian Government Healthy Choices: policy  guidelines for sport and recreation centres
within key facilities.

As part of this, they trialled healthier drinks for 3 months by aiming for less than 20% of their fridges with ‘red’ drinks (like sports drinks and soft drinks) and at least 50% ‘green’ drinks (like water and small milks). They also switched from offering ‘red’ milkshakes to ‘green’ smoothies.

Together with Deakin University, an evaluation was undertaken to see what the effect of making these changes was upon customer purchases, drinks revenue (dollar sales) and retailer and consumer satisfaction.

At all four sites there was no overall change in drinks revenue. The case studies can be found on the HEAS website here   http://heas.health.vic.gov.au/healthy-choices/case-studies

Feeling inspired? For more information on how to make a healthy change in your organisation contact the Healthy Eating Advisory Service.

This initiative was supported by the Victorian Government, through Healthy Food Connect – Thrive.

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