Family Violence

The report delivered by the Royal Commission into Family Violence in March 2016 provides a comprehensive framework for long term reform in addressing family violence in Victoria. The Commission states that:

All services that come into contact with family violence victims should be equipped to identify, and in some cases, assess and manage risk, and to ensure that victims are supported. Mainstream services, such as health services, must be able to identify risk and refer victims to services that can provide more comprehensive support, such as specialist family violence services [1]

The report makes a range of recommendations to improve the responses for all family violence, mainstream and universal services, through strengthened screening and risk assessment procedures, greater workforce training and development, and better coordination and information sharing.

In partnerships with the Eastern Metropolitan Region Regional Family Violence Partnership (EMR RFVP) we conducted two needs assessment surveys across the Eastern Metropolitan Region. The purpose of the surveys was to inform the OEHCSA, Inner East Primary Care Partnership (IEPCP) and the EMR RFVP of how we may assist mainstream service providers to respond to the recommendations of the Commission. They provide a regional picture of current service responses and identify opportunities for facilitating more streamlined and coordinated service system approaches to family violence.

We would like to acknowledge the significant support provided to us by the Inner North West PCP in undertaking this work. More details about the work they are doing in this area and the resources they have developed can be found on their website