EMR Health Literacy Conference 2015

Health Literate Organisations: Healthier People, Healthier Bottom Line
Organisational Health Literacy Conference – November 19, 2015

‘Understand why health literacy is a core organisational priority and begin the process towardsbeing part of a more responsive health and social service system’

Over 80 attendees from 40 organisations across the EMR attended the Health Literate Organisations Conference – ranging from Hospitals, Community Health, Women’s health, Aged Care, Local Government, Nursing services, Mental Health, PHN and Consumers. The Conference excelled at informing the audience about what health literacy is in the organisational context, why they should embed health literacy principals into their organisations, and how to begin the process of organisational change to become a health literate organisation.

Access presentations and resources from our keynote speakers, senior researchers, the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, and health organisations in the EMR who presented on the day below:

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