Health Literacy

What are we talking about when we say health literacy?

First thoughts often go to an individual’s health literacy: the skills, knowledge, motivation and capacity of a person to access, understand, appraise and apply information to make effective decisions about health and health care and take appropriate action.

But 60 percent of Australians don’t know how to find, understand and use information about their health and health care. A person’s individual health literacy needs to be considered in the context of the demands they face when accessing and using our complex health system.

The health literacy environment is the infrastructure, policies, processes, materials, people and relationships that make up the health system and have an impact on the way in which people access, understand, appraise and apply health-related information and services.

The Eastern Region PCPs take a regional approach to support our partners to create ‘health literate’ organisations and environments, to support their community to become more health literate. This extends beyond typical health service providers to all aspects of social and community support.